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  • Seoul Lotte World Ticket

    USD 27 Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea is the world's largest indoor amusement park. It covers an area of ​​40,000 square meters and has a total area of ​​180,000 square meters. The playground is mainly divided into two parts: the indoor "Adventure World" and the outdoor "Magic Island". The outdoor Magic Island is mainly a game project full of excitement and challenges. The indoor Adventure World has 4 floors, allowing visitors to enjoy various performances, laser shows, etc. Lotte World Seoul is a must-see attraction in Seoul, South Korea. It is suitable for both adults and children! ticket with child   별이미지 5.0 11,210 Booked Check Date
  • Everland One Day Ticket

    USD 27 Spend a day enjoying Korea's largest theme park, Everland! You'll get all the thrills, wildlife attractions and live performances! with child family   별이미지 4.5 769 Booked Check Date
  • LEGOLAND® Korea Ticket

    USD 24 The 10th Legoland in the world and the largest Legoland in Asia.
    There are seven themed areas built with more than 30 million Lego bricks, including a limited area in Korea!
    Legoland that both adults and children can enjoy.
    ticket family   별이미지 5.0 33,652 Booked Check Date
  • Seoul Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky Observation Deck Ticket

    USD 18 The Seoul Sky Observatory is located at the top of the Lotte World Tower, the world's fifth tallest building standing 123 stories and 555 meters high. As the tallest building in South Korea,it is the only place where you can take in a gorgeous 360-degree view of Seoul, the capital city of South Korea roaring with brilliant history and dynamic modern culture. ticket popular   별이미지 5.0 11,561 Booked Check Date
  • Lotte World Aquarium Ticket

    USD 17 Immerse yourself in the charm of the ocean at Lotte World Aquarium ticket with child   별이미지 5.0 12,366 Booked Check Date
  • Busan Taejongdae Ocean Flying Theme Park Media Art Museum - MOEI Ticket

    USD 6 The overwhelming beauty experienced while disconnected from the sights and sounds of everyday life. The importance of nature is realized through communication with art. ticket with child   별이미지 5.0 985 Booked Check Date
  • N Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower) Observation Deck Ticket/Cable Car Package

    USD 13 Experience elevations of up to 479.7m above sea level and tower above the city and Namsan.
    Visit the N Seoul Tower Observatory and take an audio tour of the tower and city.
    ticket popular   별이미지 5.0 954 Booked Check Date
  • Lotte World Seokchon Lake Moon boat | UFO boat Ticket

    USD 18 Take a romantic boat and float on Seokchon Lake, Overlooking Lotte Tower and Seokchon Lake. healing popular   별이미지 5.0 201 Booked Check Date
  • Vivaldi Park Snowyland Ticket

    USD 28 Head to Vivaldi Park for a day of exciting winter sports.
    Enjoy unlimited access to Snowy Land's slopes as you go snowboarding, ice sledding, snow rafting, and more!
    ticket popular   별이미지 5.0 32,015 Booked Check Date
  • Busan Taejongdae Ocean Flying Theme Park Zipline Ticket

    USD 22 Enjoy the beautiful sea of ​​Busan , exciting moment!! Come and experience Taejongdae Zipline! ticket activity   별이미지 5.0 1,539 Booked Check Date
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