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  • 2024 Busan One Asia Festival (BOF) Tour

    USD 66 K-POP stars who are raving about it all over the world come together to give a wonderful performance!
    The Busan One Asia Festival renders the autumn night in Busan with the dynamic energy of music.
    popular kpop   별이미지 5.0 25,330 Booked Check Date
  • [Every Wednesday] MBC SHOW CHAMPION Program Tickets

    USD 117 SHOW CHAMPION allows you to enjoy K-POP’s most exciting performances up close! popular kpop   별이미지 5.0 4,851 Booked Check Date
  • sold out


    SOLD OUT Inspired by Korean Wave, Coca-Cola launched "Coca-Cola Zero Korean Wave (K-Wave)".
    Coca-Cola Zero Hallyu (K-Wave) will provide opportunities to meet fans in June,
    Plans to participate in 'K-WAVE Concert ' with Stray Kids, ITZY, NMIXX, etc.
    ticket kpop   별이미지 5.0 12,745 Booked Check Date
  • sold out

    2024 SBS MEGA CONCERT + Pickup Services

    SOLD OUT Joint large-scale concert
    The thought of meeting my favorite idol
    My heart is already pounding (⋆ˆ ³ ˆ)♥
    The first large-scale concert event is now on sale!!
    Don’t miss it and grab tickets to a large-scale concert with a super lineup~
    pickup kpop   별이미지 5.0 1,152 Booked Check Date
  • sold out

    2024 USA Universal Superstar Awards

    SOLD OUT The K-pop festival "2024 Universal Superstar Awards" co-created with fans has prepared various special events for fans.
    "2024 USA" is a new award ceremony for fans who love K-MUSIC around the world.
    Artists active throughout the year in various music genres such as K-pop, trot, ballad, and hip-hop will appear and present special stages.
    In addition, a variety of online and offline activities have been prepared for fans, making people look forward to this being a very people-friendly K-pop festival.
    ticket kpop   별이미지 5.0 100 Booked Check Date
  • sold out

    2024 Hanteo Music Awards + Pickup Services

    SOLD OUT The world's only real-time music ranking list has been accompanying the history of Korean pop music since 1993. Hanteo Chart 2023 Summary~ Looking back on the history of the past 31 years and the future of K-pop 31 years later, You are invited to witness the special moment when the K-pop singer of the year is born. ticket kpop   별이미지 5.0 5,922 Booked Check Date
  • sold out

    1833 Incheon Chicken Beer K-POP Party Day Tour

    SOLD OUT In 1883, Incheon Port, the largest port in the Joseon Dynasty, opened its doors to the world, which was an important milestone.
    To commemorate the opening of the Imagination Platform,
    the city of Incheon is hosting a sweet and spicy chicken nuggets and beer party open to all foreign visitors, residents, and students in Korea!
    There will also be a series of events, performances, and celebrity appearances.
    package kpop   별이미지 5.0 1,142 Booked Check Date
  • The 32nd Seoul Music awards

    SOLD OUT 2023 Seoul Music Awards Seoul Music Awards: Seoul Music Awards, referred to as: SMA Organized by Seoul Sports and sponsored by High1 Resort since 1990, it is an annual awards ceremony for artists who have made outstanding achievements in the Korean music industry.   별이미지 5.0 267 Booked Check Date

    SOLD OUT Lotte Duty Family Concert is a LOTTE DUTY FREE’s unique, representative show that combined Korean Wave stars with culture/tourism content for the first time in 2006.   별이미지 5.0 100 Booked Check Date
  • 2022 Incheon INK concert 1day tour

    SOLD OUT K-POP superstars are here! Incheon INK concert that created millions of hits! Don't miss it!   별이미지 5.0 1,535 Booked Check Date
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