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  • 1833 Incheon Chicken Beer K-POP Party Day Tour

    USD 11 In 1883, Incheon Port, the largest port in the Joseon Dynasty, opened its doors to the world, which was an important milestone.
    To commemorate the opening of the Imagination Platform,
    the city of Incheon is hosting a sweet and spicy chicken nuggets and beer party open to all foreign visitors, residents, and students in Korea!
    There will also be a series of events, performances, and celebrity appearances.
    yummy popular   별이미지 5.0 1,142 Booked Check Date

    USD 55 Hit the slopes at SONO VIVALDIPARK, one of Korea’s most popular ski resorts.
    Enjoy skiing or snowboarding on this ski day tour with round-trip transfer from Seoul.
    popular family   별이미지 5.0 35,632 Booked Check Date
  • Ganghwado Popularity Day Tour Luge Seaside Rail Bike Sopchang Experience Hall

    USD 92 Visit the most popular facilities in Ganghwado Island in one day!
    Enjoy Korean fresh strawberries while picking them / Ginseng Digging.
    Visit the Sochang Experience Hall and design your own handkerchief.
    activity family   별이미지 5.0 29,505 Booked Check Date
  • [Depart From Seoul] Gyeongpodae Cherry Blossom Festival K-drama Filming Location Day Tour

    SOLD OUT Experience the largest cherry blossom festival in Gangwon Province – the Gyeongpoho Cherry Blossom Festival.
    Stroll along the famous cherry blossom avenue and receive a complimentary 10,000 KRW voucher for shopping!
    Indulge in delicious food at the Jungang Central Market in Gangneung.

    Visit the shooting location of BTS's music video at the BTS Bus Stop,
    and then head to the filming site of the popular drama 'Goblin – The Lonely and Great God.' A must-visit for fans!
    cherry blossom popular   별이미지 5.0 1,774 Booked Check Date

    USD 44 Visit the popular ultra-high ice and snow park, experience snow activities such as building snowmen, playing ice hockey, snow graffiti, and challenge multi-person sleds and snowmobiles
    Take the sightseeing cable car to the top of the mountain, get a bird's-eye view of the ice and snow world, play all the popular snow facilities, and immerse yourself in the joyful world of the ice and snow park.
    popular family   별이미지 5.0 36,510 Booked Check Date
  • [Depart From Seoul] Gapyeong Eden Cherry Blossom Road Nami Island Rail Bike Day Tour

    SOLD OUT Visit representative tourist spots in the suburbs of Seoul Takes you to the secret scenic spot Eden Cherry Blossom Road No need to worry about planning traffic routes cherry blossom family   별이미지 5.0 29,860 Booked Check Date
  • Ganghwado Outdoor Activities Day Tour

    USD 95 No need to worry about planning traffic routes, avoiding the fatigue of boats and cars for traffic transfers Enjoy Ganghwado's most popular outdoor activities in one day! Experience leisure facilities in the 100,000-pyeong natural forest of Ganghwado activity family   별이미지 5.0 26,682 Booked Check Date
  • [Depart From Seoul] Jeonju Maisan Mountain Cherry Blossom Day Tour

    SOLD OUT Walk into Malshan Cherry Blossom Road and enjoy the famous 3-kilometer cherry blossom road
    Watch the double-petaled cherry blossoms stacked like peonies While enjoying the cherry blossoms, you can also learn about Jeonju's traditional Korean Hanok
    cherry blossom healing   별이미지 5.0 423 Booked Check Date
  • Elysian Gangchon Resort Ski Day Tour

    SOLD OUT Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort Ski Day Tour Everyone can learn how to ski in one day, exciting beginner course for everyone. activity family   별이미지 5.0 20,486 Booked Check Date
  • [Depart From Seoul] Jinhae Romantic Cherry Blossom Day Tour

    SOLD OUT Discover South Korea in spring and head to the Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival.
    Witness the stunning cherry blossoms with TK TRAVEL.
    cherry blossom popular   별이미지 5.0 27,842 Booked Check Date
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