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2024 K-pop Tour

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  • 2024 USA Universal Superstar Awards

    USD 151 The K-pop festival "2024 Universal Superstar Awards" co-created with fans has prepared various special events for fans.
    "2024 USA" is a new award ceremony for fans who love K-MUSIC around the world.
    Artists active throughout the year in various music genres such as K-pop, trot, ballad, and hip-hop will appear and present special stages.
    In addition, a variety of online and offline activities have been prepared for fans, making people look forward to this being a very people-friendly K-pop festival.
    ticket kpop   별이미지 5.0 100 Booked Check Date
  • [Every Wednesday] MBC SHOW CHAMPION Program Tickets

    USD 121 SHOW CHAMPION allows you to enjoy K-POP’s most exciting performances up close! popular kpop   별이미지 5.0 4,851 Booked Check Date
  • sold out

    2024 Hanteo Music Awards + Pickup Services

    SOLD OUT The world's only real-time music ranking list has been accompanying the history of Korean pop music since 1993. Hanteo Chart 2023 Summary~ Looking back on the history of the past 31 years and the future of K-pop 31 years later, You are invited to witness the special moment when the K-pop singer of the year is born. ticket kpop   별이미지 5.0 5,922 Booked Check Date
  • 2024 Circle (Gaon) Chart Music Awards Ticket + Pickup Service

    SOLD OUT Circle Chart (Korean: 써클차트), formerly known as Gaon Chart (Korean: 가온차트; also translated Jiayin Chart and Gaon Chart) is the first record chart recognized by the government in South Korea, managed by the Korea Music Content Association, Sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The purpose of establishing this chart is to establish a national official chart with high credibility like the US "Billboard Chart" and Japan's "Oricon Public Trust Chart", and to promote its popular music culture. Gaon Chart officially started operation in February 2010. kpop   별이미지 5.0 299 Booked Check Date
  • sold out


    SOLD OUT SHARING & TOGETHER CONCERT will be held on January 12, 2024 at Jamsil SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. The concert brings together top singers leading the Korean wave. ticket kpop   별이미지 5.0 210 Booked Check Date
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