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  • 2024 Bonghwa Sweetfish Festival Day Tour

    USD 4 Bonghwa Sweetfish Festival The festival offers a variety of activities, including net fishing, hand-gathering, water sports, water warfare and farming experiences. During the festival, you can also taste the fish you caught and experience the beauty of nature. activity family   별이미지 5.0 16,800 Booked Check Date
  • Herbnara Farm Mona Park Outdoor Activities Day Tour

    USD 84 No need to worry about planning traffic routes
    Go to Korea's first herb-themed farm - Herbnara Farm
    Feel the different and exciting outdoor activity in the hot summer!
      별이미지 5.0 3,500 Booked Check Date
  • Gangneung ARTE Museum Kdrama Filming Location Day Tour

    USD 71 Departs from the center of Seoul, you don't have to worry about
    traffic problems and can travel around Gangneung easily~
    Go to Jumunjin Beach, the filming location of "Dokkaebi"
    Then go to the Sodol Port Lighthouse , the filming location of "The Glory"
    Experience a transparent kayak at Sodol Adeul Rock Park and
    enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery from different perspectives
    Visit Gangneung ARTE MUSEUM and enjoy the art exhibition with all your senses
      별이미지 5.0 20,364 Booked Check Date
  • Gapyeong Club Nine Water Park Day Tour

    USD 87 Club Nine Water Park is located on Bukhan River in Gapyeong.
    You can experience extreme water leisure sports such as water skiing and water skateboarding here.
    There are also various large-scale inflatable water facilities such as "Banana boat" and "DISCO PANG PANG".
      별이미지 5.0 28,485 Booked Check Date
  • sold out

    1883 Incheon Chicken Beer K-POP Party Day Tour

    SOLD OUT In 1883, Incheon Port, the largest port in the Joseon Dynasty, opened its doors to the world, which was an important milestone.
    To commemorate the opening of the Imagination Platform,
    the city of Incheon is hosting a sweet and spicy chicken nuggets and beer party open to all foreign visitors, residents, and students in Korea!
    There will also be a series of events, performances, and celebrity appearances.
    yummy popular   별이미지 5.0 1,142 Booked Check Date
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