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The 32nd Seoul Music awards

The 32nd Seoul Music awards


Product Info.


2023 Seoul Music Awards Seoul Music Awards: Seoul Music Awards, referred to as: SMA Organized by Seoul Sports and sponsored by High1 Resort since 1990, it is an annual awards ceremony for artists who have made outstanding achievements in the Korean music industry.



    • admission ticket
    • driver/tip
    • Vehicle Fee/Oil Fee/Road Fee


    • personal expense
    • personal insurance


  • All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • This admission ticket is for foreigners only, and you need to bring your passport or alien registration card to pick up the ticket.。
  • This ticket is a non-designated seat, and the ticket will be distributed on the day of the concert after confirming the ID card.
  • If it is confirmed that the ticket has been pre-purchased by an illegal method, the pre-purchase will be forcibly canceled.
  • The responsibility for the loss and damage of the admission ticket lies with the person, and the admission ticket cannot be reissued under any circumstances, and admission is not possible without the admission ticket.
  • After the admission deadline, you may not be able to enter or your seat may be changed. No re-entry will be allowed after the show starts, please arrive at the concert venue early to wait.
  • For safe viewing, except for drinking water, food is not allowed to be brought into the viewing booth.
  • It may be forbidden to enter the site due to carrying tripods and large cameras, so please pay special attention.
  • The size of carry-on luggage (bag) is: length 30x width 30 cm before entering the venue.
  • Those who pick up the tickets on the spot, please arrive on time to pick up the tickets, so as not to be unable to enter the venue and affect their own rights.
  • In the case of illegal pre-orders and non-foreigner bookings, the pre-orders will be canceled and refunds cannot be made.

Cancellation policy

  • All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable once booked.

Location information