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Ganghwado Outdoor Activities Day Tour

Enjoy Ganghwa-do's popular outdoor activities in one day!


Product Info.

Tour Type
Joints Tour
Min. Ppl
Tour Area
Incheon Ganghwado
Meeting 1
(08:00) Hoehyeon Station Exit 7
Meeting 2
(08:40) Hongik Univ. Station Exit 3


Enjoy Ganghwa-do's popular outdoor activities in one day!
Experience leisure facilities in the 100,000-square natural forest of Ganghwado.
Experience the exciting and fun Ganghwado Luge!
You don't have to worry about planning transportation routes and avoid the hassle of traveling and transferring.

Package Options

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    · Guide/Driver/Tips
    · Transportation fee/Petrol fee/Tolls
    · Admission Tickets
    · LUGE (2 times/person)
    · Tianlim Leports Park (Survival shooter - 15 mins)
    · Tianlim Leports Park (Zipline - 5 Routes)


    · Individual Expenses
    · Personal Insurance
    · Meals


[ Collection notice ]
· Please arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes early!
· Depending on the road conditions on the day, the departure time may be delayed.
· Send the license plate number and tour guide contact information via SMS or SNS the day before departure.
· If you use LINE / WECHAT, please be sure to enable friend invitations and receive messages from strangers.
[Fee notice]
· Tour fee includes tips for local drivers and tour guides and tickets listed on the itinerary and round-trip transportation costs.
· The minimum number of people in each group is 8 people, and the number of people in each group is 42 people.  If the guests do not reach the minimum number of people in each group and want to start in a private group, relevant additional fees will be incurred.
· Children over 3 years old will be charged at the adult price, and children under 36 months will be free of charge. (Free children will not be provided with meals, seats in the car, admission tickets, etc.)
[Travel Information]
· Generally, the itinerary will not be affected in rainy days. In case of natural disasters,   the departure date can be changed for free or a full refund can be made.
· If the slope is unable to go due to temporary rest or other factors, the itinerary will be changed to Fairy Tale Village. Guests shall not ask for a refund or other related related compensation requirements for equal value.
· Take the LUGE sloping slope if you are 95 ~ 120cm tall, more than 48 months, and a child under 10 years old. Multiply with adults.
· For 120cm or more, children aged 10 or over need to ride a car by themselves.
· (Full) cannot take the slope over 65 years old, but you can take a cable car.
· Children under the age of 7 are not allowed to experience survival shooting activities in Ganghwa Leisure Sports Park.
· The schedule is adjusted according to the local conditions. The company does not need to be responsible or refund if there is a temporary safety inspection or closure of the scenic spot.
· All the itineraries of the company do not include personal travel insurance. There are certain risks and dangers in outdoor activities. Guests need to evaluate whether they are suitable for participation according to their own health or ability. If accidents or unpredictable factors cause physical damage due to force majeure or The company does not assume any responsibility for casualties.
※ Please arrive at the meeting place 10 minutes in advance, no waiting after appointed time!

Cancellation policy

· Change and Cancellation Policy after Booking Completion (Individual Other Factors)
· Cancellation 10 days prior to departure (inclusive) will result in a 100% refund.
· Cancellation 4~9 days before departure (inclusive) will result in a 50% refund.
· Cancellations made 1~3 days prior to departure date are non-refoundable.
· No changes can be made within 24 hours of departure.
· If you wish to cancel a transaction after completing the credit card payment, a 5% processing fee will be charged.
· If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please contact our customer service staff during working hours.
· Cancellation or change requests after 18:00 on weekdays, weekends and holidays will be processed sequentially on the next business day.

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