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2023 Seoul Festa - Opening Ceremony & Cultural Experience Tour


Product Info.


Feel the Real Seoul! The best festival in Korea is back! From the opening ceremony of the gorgeous K-pop lineup to K-Drama, K-Movie, and K-Beauty! Enjoy everything in Korea! Our festivities will begin!



    • Admission ticket
    • Driver/tip
    • Vehicle Fee/Oil Fee/Road Fee


    • Personal expense
    • Personal insurance
    • Additional charges may apply when using hand shop products.


・All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.
・This admission ticket is for foreigners only, and you need to bring your 
   passport or alien registration card to pick up the ticket.
This product includes experience. It is not possible to watch the 
   opening ceremony without experiencing it.

Additional charges may apply when using hand shop products.
・If it is confirmed that the ticket was pre-purchased by an illegal method, 
   the pre-purchase will be forcibly canceled.
・Responsibility for loss and damage of the admission ticket lies with the 
   person, and the admission ticket is under no  circumstances, it cannot be 
   reissued, and you cannot enter without an admission ticket. 
・After the admission deadline, you may not be able to enter the venue 
   or your seat may be changed. 
・After the performance starts, you will not be able to re-enter the venue.      
   Please gather at the concert venue early and wait.
・For safe viewing, except for drinking water, food is not allowed to be 
   brought into the viewing booth.
・If entry is prohibited due to tripods and large cameras, please pay special 
  attention to avoid being unable to enter.
・The size of carry-on luggage (bag) is: length 30x width 30 cm to enter the venue.
・On-site ticket pickers are requested to arrive on time to pick up tickets,
   so as not to be unable to enter the venue and affect their own rights.
・Illegal pre-orders and reservations made by non-foreigners will be 
   canceled and no refunds will be made.
・Travel agency does not take responsibility if you are kicked out for not      
   following the instructions of the safe guard and staff.

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