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Busan Taejongdae Ocean Flying Theme Park Zipline Ticket

Busan Taejongdae Ocean Flying Theme Park Zipline Ticket


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Amusement rides
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Mobile voucher
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During business hours
Busan Taejongdae


Enjoy the beautiful sea of ​​Busan , exciting moment!! Come and experience Taejongdae Zipline!

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    STEP 1 -> Purchase and payment of goods online.
    STEP 2 -> Confirmation via email and My Page (Check purchase details through email and My Page after payment)
    STEP 3 -> Confirm barcode image (Check if you have received the barcode after purchase)
    STEP 4 -> Present the barcode at the ticket booth of Taizongtai Ocean Flying Themepark to use.

    [Usage Guide]

    ・ For the high-altitude zipline experience, customers with long hair are required to tie it up.
    · Participants must wear shoes that cover the entire foot (sandals, high heels, etc., are not allowed).
    · Please wear pants that extend beyond the knee (skirts are not allowed).
    · Persons weighing below 30KG or above 100KG, pregnant women, individuals with physical or mental weakness, heart patients, those with other abnormal muscles or bones, individuals with a fear of high-altitude flight, and individuals under the influence of alcohol are not allowed to experience.

    [Attraction Information]
    · Address: 55 Ocean Healing Road, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea, Taejongdae Ocean Flying Themepark
    · Business hours: Winter 09:0017:00 / Summer 09:0018:00
    · Closed days: Open year-round (Experience time may be adjusted based on daily weather conditions, etc.)
    · Representative number: 070-8276-1919

    [Parking Information]
    · Parking is available at Taejongdae Parking Lot.



・ People weighing less than 30KG or more than 100KG, pregnant women, the physically and mentally infirm, those with heart disease, those with musculoskeletal abnormalities, those with acrophobia, and those who drink alcohol cannot ride Zipline.
・ Customers with long hair to tie their hair up when experiencingthe zipline.
・ You must wear shoes that cover the entire foot (sandals, high heels, etc. are not allowed).
・ Please wear pants that are longer than your knees (skirt is not allowed).
・ This ticket is for one person only.
・ When purchasing goods, an electronic voucher will be sent to confirm the reservation. ​
・ The zipline is a reservation system. After purchasing the product, the customer service staff will confirm whether the ride is available within 4 hours during working hours. If the reservation time is full, the ride will be arranged at another time.
・ If you are unable to arrive at the designated time due to personal reasons on the day of reservation, no refund will be given.
・ Please arrive 20 minutes before the reservation time. You must dress in advance. No refunds will be issued for latecomers.
・ 100% refund if the ticket cannot be used due to natural disasters (lightning strikes, heavy rains, etc.).
・ This travel agency is only responsible for booking tickets. If the customer is not satisfied with the venue facilities and services after arrival, the travel agency will not be responsible.

Cancellation policy

・ Cancellation and Modification Policy After Booking (Personal Reasons)
・ Cancellation made 6 days or more before ticket usage: 100% refund.
・ Cancellation made 5 days before ticket usage: 50% refund.
・ Cancellation made 4 days before ticket usage: 30% refund.
・ Cancellation made 3 days or less before ticket usage: No refund.
・ For cancellations or modifications to reservations, please contact customer service during business hours.
・ Requests for cancellation or modification submitted after 6:00 PM on weekdays, weekends, or holidays will be processed in order on the next business day.

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